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 Hell-Knights Clan Rules !!!

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PostSubject: Hell-Knights Clan Rules !!!   Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:23 pm

>>> CLAN RULES <<<

I. Clan info

1. HellKnights is a International clan.
2. Clan ruled by CL + Clan Elders.
3. No democrations for sure.
4. CL + Elders always are right.
5. Clan Elders are VCL's + poeple chosen by CL.
6. As a member You are obliged to obey CL + Elders.
7. You are not an individualist - You play for clan.

II. Clan members

1. If You are younger than 16 , You have to be very special to get inside our clan.
2. For a two weeks period You are free from any items regulation.
3. Being offline for longer than two weeks you need to mail clan leader or clan elders.

III. Clan gear

1. Be active and clan will help You with items.
2. All drops from clan RB party put in CWH.
3. By Your donations clan is growing.
4. If You have any not necessary gear for You put it in CWH (S84 grade) It will be used properly, and we will remeber about Your donation:).
5. Once in a week You have to make one academy character for clan reputation points. If You have problems with that speak with CL or Elders.
6. If You leave clan You should give back gear given by clan. Or if You put a lot of effort in clan activities and Elders will say so You can keep it.

IV. Penalties

1. If You make something stupid or simply break the rule , You will probably get a penalty point.
2. One penalty isnt painfull , but take it into consideration that 2nd one might cost You far more than You expect.
3. If You get 3rd penalty - You will be dismissed.
4. All penalties can be fixed by talking with CL - He will give You punishment by ordering You a task.
5. If You were kicked from clan because of 3 penalties and You want go back to clan talk with CL.
6. If You PK clan mate or ally deliberately You will be dismissed from clan.
7. Stealing from clan will be treated like point above.

V. Party

1. Clan parties are crucial. If all are full - do not waste time , start Your own.
2. If You are in random party and clan calls You - answer the call and leave that party.
3. If You have slot in party take some clan leechers .
4. If clan needs You on specific subclass - change it without arguing.

VI. PvP and Wars

1. We are PvP alike clan so try to expand Your PvP talents.
2. If You see Wartag - kill mofo if You can - if not do not engage.
3. After PvP care about personal behaviour - GF - do not flame.
4. Do not PK without reason.
5. If your PK exceeds 3 - make Quest.

VII. Other regulations

1. For siege it's important to use Teamspeak3, better to comunicate, for adress pm in game clan leader or clan elders.
2. Any POLLs about changes in clan will be valid only if posted by Elders or CL.
3. Emoquit from clan = You wont come back ever again.
4. All other matter not stated in rules will be settled by Elders.
5. We try to be fair and equal to all clan members who participate to clan raid bosses / pvp and sieges, special to most active members and trusted members, we dont make discrimination, we dont ask to be all day online we all have a life, it's just a game, just to be active like 2h minimum, 3 days per week, and active 1/2 sieges every month to be fair for more active members, if you will be more activ you will be rewarded faster.
6. If you miss 3 consecutive sieges and you dont announce, you will be dismiss from clan, if you cannot be online just speak whit clan leader or clan elders.
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Hell-Knights Clan Rules !!!
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